Sugar Land Auto Repair

KJ Auto Collision Repair & Towing is a qualified and quality auto repair provider in Sugar Land. We are able to give your car the best in quality automotive repair and servicing, thanks to our technologically advanced and fully-equipped custom Auto Repair Shop, complete with all of the tools of the trade! Our staff of trained mechanics and professional automotive technicians is quite simply the best in auto repair in Sugar Land. We are true experts in car maintenance and oil changes!

Auto Body Shop

You expect the best and you deserve the best, each and every time you call upon the services of a company for automotive repair and car maintenance. You need to know that the company you choose will perform any and all of their auto repair tasks with the same high level of care, professionalism, skill and expertise.

We at KJ Auto Collision Repair & Towing can promise you this, and much more, every time! We pride ourselves on the skill of our team here in the Auto Repair Shop, and want you to come to us to show you what we can do to turn your troublesome truck or calamity of a car into a dream rider!

When you need some last minute wheel alignment or a smog check, please head on down to our Auto Repair Shop and we will be happy to turn our full attention to your vehicle so that we can work our special brand of automotive magic on her!

Our range of auto repair services includes the following, but please give us a call to discuss more that we can do for you as we provide a full range of automotive repair and body work: