Sugar Land Roadside Assistance

Sugar Land roadside assistance became a lot safer when KJ Collision Repair & Towing arrived onto the scene. We absolutely pride ourselves on being the most reputable and best value provider of roadside assistance in Sugar Land. Don’t take it from us; read what our incredibly satisfied and happy customers have to say about us!

Or even better still, give us a call and let us work our special brand of emergency 24 hour roadside assistance magic for you!  We are ready, willing and able to help in any emergency breakdown or car lockout situation, anywhere in Sugar Land and at any time of the day or night!

Flat Tire Change and Auto Assistance

Some of our most popular and requested services are for us to come out and change a flat tire. Because who hasn’t been caught out either without a repair kit or a spare in our trunk? Never fear – we are here to come and get your car back on the road and you back out into Sugar Land to go about your daily business.

We also find a lot of clients appreciate our dead battery replacement service. There really is no way of knowing if that battery is going to manage to get you all the way there and back. Sometimes it doesn’t, and that’s precisely the moment when you should give us a call to come out and replace that battery or recharge it for you!

We also offer a very popular gas filling service for when your vehicle is extra thirsty and you are not near a gas station.

Arguably the most popular of our range of services are our car lockout solutions. No matter what has happened to that mislaid key, be in the car, broken in the ignition or lost someplace, we have a range of convenient, affordable, professional and safe car lockout solutions for you!