Client Testimonials

“I was involved in my first ever road collision last weekend. It was a pretty terrifying experience and I received some minor injuries that required me to go to the ER. All the while, I was panicking about my car being left there in the middle of downtown Sugar Land. My insurance company –who I called immediately- gave me a list of tow companies in the vicinity. Given that I’d just been in a crash, I thought to myself that KJ Auto Collision Repair & Towing sure sounded like the perfect choice! They were amazing and took care of everything over the phone, while I was at the hospital. It was a real load off of my mind to know that they had sent a tow truck to take my battered car to safety. They even arranged the repair work too. Truly great guys!” MikeCowley

“I’ve had to rely on towing company several times over the course of my career as a classic recreational vehicle enthusiast. Not every company has the right equipment to handle towing a 50-foot behemoth of an RV, but the guys at KJ Auto Collision Repair & Towing always have the right tools and know exactly what to do. I kind of consider them my back-up!”  Frank Zoba

“I like to just drop my car off, mumble something about there being a funny sound, and know that when I come back it will have been fixed and that I won’t need to remortgage my house in order to pay the bill! I like that with KJ Auto Collision Repair &Towing all I need to worry about is the time when it’s convenient for me to drive my fixed car out of there!” Sam Gonzalsa

“I just love this company’s ethos and professionalism. I think that KJ Auto Collision Repair & Towing is a great example of the wonderful integrity that small businesses in Sugar Land have. Always professional, always putting the customer first and always, always in time.” Jeanne Alair