Different Types of Towing

From Short Trips to Long Distance Hauls

There are many different types of tow trucks, each capable of a different task. Flatbed tow trucks are used to transport luxury and high end vehicles, while smaller tow trucks, can easily transport a motorcycle from city to city. The main function of any tow truck is to safely transport your vehicle from point A to point B. It always pays to do some research in advance because you never quite know just when you might need an emergency towing. You should make sure that the towing company is on call 24/7, in case of any serious emergencies. You can also ask your friends or relatives for any recommendations, as they might have some experience with a good and reliable towing company. Here are the main types of tow trucks, and their primary functions:

● Heavy Duty Towing – Provides a versatile and comprehensive solution for towing huge vehicles, such as trucks. The whole vehicle is lifted off from the ground and suspended in the air by safer means.
● Flatbed Towing – Provides a safe and reliable option for towing your vehicle. Flatbed towing is used primarily in towing away exotic cars, luxury cars, antique cars, and transport them as safely as possible.
● Long Distance Towing – Exactly as the name implies. Long distance towing is generally used to transport your vehicle from one city or town to another. If you’re moving a vehicle more than 150 miles you are likely looking for a long distance tow. A lot of people opt to use a long distance towing company to transport their vehicle if they are moving to another city or state.

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